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Nieuwjaarswens van INWA President Aki Karihtala aan alle Nordic Walkers.

Dear INWA Nordic Walkers all over the world,
I would like to thank you very much for the good spirit and fun we had together in 2019.
Year 2020 will be very exciting and important to all of us as INWA will have its 20 year anniversary.
INWA was established in year 2000 in Finland, the home of Nordic Walking.
During the year 2020 we will have many international and local events and activities to celebrate and honor these 20 years of Nordic Walking. I am personally very happy to see that we have successfully come such a long way.
As I have said many times, one of the most important things about Nordic Walking is that it connects and unites people from different cultures on the side of the actual physical activity. Social aspect of Nordic Walking is as important as the activity itself. Now that we celebrate in 2020 our 20 year anniversary, it will also be a good time to refresh our memory about the values of INWA, which are Loyalty, Respect, Caring, Quality and Integrity. These are the values that have made our federation strong along the years. I will come back to these in the beginning of this coming year.
I would like to wish INWA Nordic Walkers and also all the other Nordic Walkers around the world good health and a very Happy New Year.

Best regards,
Aki Karihtala
President of INWA